Monday, March 5, 2012

Bleach them brows

Soooo, disclaimer here: I'm a total wuss, I teared up so much when I got my eyebrows threaded. I have zero pain tolerance, especially when somebody is doing a sorta shitty job. So I have no further intentions of inflicting pain on such a sensitive area.
But, after a season of thick full brows, it seems this spring is embracing BLEACHED brows! Oh no not that again! What do you think of the trend? Is it actually an awesome idea or something that's only for a few people?
I personally believe that it's not for me. It's especially weird when it doesn't match one's hair when a brunette bleaches her hair but leaves her brows dark. The mismatch, like the one below, seems more fitting of sci-fi/fantasy movies...maybe it's a perfect way to segue into Game of Thrones when it premieres again...
Image via Style

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