Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday FAVES

It's been a busy Friday for me...simply, a tiring week! There's so much to do and what better way than to escape a little with sone online window shopping! Here's a round up of all the cute things I love!

1. CLOTHES: Opening Ceremony with their awesome take on this season's trend of perforated patterns and florals.

2. THE SPARKLY: Dannijo Jewelry never fails to amaze me because their pieces are always colorful, whimsical, but still elegant!

3. THE SHOES: I've been around Stuart Weitzman shoes since the days of my first job at Nordstrom. They were always elegant and appealing. The capsize is gorgeous with its trendy mint color and has badass attitude with the metal detailing. I love that there's a flats version for the days you want to give your feet a well deserved break! The pink and orange wedges appeals to me just because I love those colors and it just makes any beachy summer outfit pop!

4. THE STORAGE: Rebecca Minkoff recently has captivated me with her bags that are so pretty and can somehow seem edgy! I really love them and their ability to mix color/patterns/textures!

Check them out! What's on your wish list and what do you have planned for this weekend??

Happy ogling!

With hearts,

Thursday, March 29, 2012



Alexander McQueen loose racerback tank top, £155
Sequin skirt, $120
Pamela Mann sheer black stocking, $14
Black heel sandals, $142
Jones New York gold plated jewelry, $50
Dannijo jewelry, $545
Ariella Collection faux pearl jewelry, $68
Tom Ford lip makeup, $48

I love love love mashups, especially when it involves Notorious B.I.G. This recent mashup of Lana del Rey and Notorious BIG, BORN READY TO DIE, is pretty good, but it can't beat the one with the xx from a while back... What's your favorite mashup?

Anyways, in the midst of listening away, I got inspired by what I'd wear if I'd ever go to a concert where these two would be performing...I know, impossible! I'm seriously in love with Dannijo's statement and so colorful/whimsical. I'd definitely wear red lipstick if I'd ever meet Lana del Rey, which brings me to Tom Ford's lipstick in the perfect red shade. Enjoy the set!

Happy Listening!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Wonderwall: picture time!

Upon this post, I unleash the multitude of pictures stored on my phone! Find me on instagram too and let me know your guys' usernames also so we can all be the best of instagram buddies :D

Instagram @missrockcouture

Happy picture day!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LOOKBOOK: Purple Lipstick Inspiration

I recently became a fan of purple lipstick. I was a little hesitant since my previous encounter was with a really purple shade that made me look very gothy and angry. I shied away instantly. However, I recently tried Clinique's a different grape and was pleasantly surprised. It's more of a berry shade that really looked natural on my lips, complemented my skin, and brightened my teeth. Did you know that purple shades of lipstick make your teeth brighter? Hooray for good news! Anyways, I love Clinique's take on purple and how the lipstick also makes my lips feel moisturized and was just the perfect amount of creaminess. LOVE! Anyways, here's what I'd wear with purple lipstick! Would you wear purple lipstick?

Happy Purple!

With hearts,

Monday, March 26, 2012

How to wear NEON

How to wear NEON

So this spring's trends seem to include neons, perforated design, and pastels.

Here's two great casual looks that encompass the trends. The striped pink Sonia Rykiel top is perforated and neon. It also looks utterly comfortable. I'm also loving the Gorjana accessories like their bracelets and neon clutch. Proenza Schouler outdid itself with the coral PS1. It's GORGEOUS. I'm totally in love with Wildfox Couture so I couldn't pass up including the cute sweater.

Happy Neons!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

WANTED: vintage summer

It's pouring rain in LA and all I can think of is summer. Hot desert heat, neon clothes, and frozen water. So here's a tribute to the coveted season as I go dry off my clothes.

Photos via nastygal, carlaxoxo tumblr, thesilentbonfire tumblr

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flashback to the 90's

Flashback to Elementary School

I recently thought back to elementary school and somehow felt like I had more style back then. Weird.

Anyways, I remember playing dodgeball in overalls and this minty floral tank top. The best part of the outfit were the shoes. They were saddle shoes that perfectly match poodle skirts of the sixties. Now this was the nineties before you all worry that this blog is written by a senior citizen. These shoes had chunky heels and I can't believe fifth graders were allowed to wear them. It was really the first time I loved fashion, realizing how many girls showed up the next day with shoes like mine.

So, I set out to recreate this outfit and updated the overall to a clean modern jumpsuit. I paired them with friendship bracelets, which are making a huge comeback. And the outfit wouldn't be complete with an updated version of those saddle shoes!

So, what's your favorite outfit flashback?

With hearts,

Magical Creatures

I loved reading Francesca Lia Block's books. They are wonderful mix of crazy characters and fantasy. I love Wildfox clothing. So GUESS WHAT?!? They did a collaboration! How cool is that? Anyways, check it out and decide which girl you are. I'm totally Dahlia.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hair Today: Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner

Shiseido Tsubaki

Shiseido Tsubaki by missrockcouture on

Another review, another confession: I'm super fickle about my shampoo. AND I don't use conditioner. I have super fine hair that is just too easily tangled and somehow I equate the conditioner as the culprit. But I heard about the buzz surrounding this shampoo and conditioner, which contains Japanese Camellia i.e. Tsubaki. I felt the need to try it. Luckily, living in LA means that I'm instantly accessible to finding these Asian products in the local grocery.

There are many versions of this made by Shiseido; some for damaged hair, some for normal, etc. I decided to try this shining version, which I deemed suitable for my never-been-dyed-or-processed hair. My hair came out super soft and it felt nourished. But, in a few days, it felt really really flat. It's actually in consensus with most of what Makeup Alley's reviews stated. It's better for damaged hair that needs extensive nourishing because it's thick and heavy. On the plus side, it smells lovely - like the calm sister of Herbal Essences.

Happy Shampooing!

With hearts,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspired: Death From Above 1979

inspired: death from above 1979

Helmut lang jacket, $227
Tsumori Chisato jersey knit pants, $265
Dr. Martens wedge heel boots, $100
Wildfox Couture vintage style ring, $75
The Row square frame sunglasses, $390
Tom Ford lip makeup, $48
Essie nail polish

My best friend introduced me to Death From Above 1979 when we were in high school and the Canadian band was already defunct. This band is like a louder, grungier version of the black keys. Essentially, they are super awesome. I can't believe that I listened to this band while studying for midterms in college. It's perfect for tuning out the world.

Anyways, the boys got back together for SXSW last year, causing a RIOT. Still inspired by their music (listening to them as I write this), here's an outfit inspired by them. 

Happy listening!

With hearts,

image via

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Lookbook: St. Patty

St Patty LookBook

Madewell top, $35
Current/Elliott cropped jeans, $185
ChloƩ zippered tote bag, $2,695
Elizabeth and James knuckle ring, $275
Elizabeth and James drop earrings, $175
Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, $32
Ruthie davis shoes

Happy St. Patty's, everyone! Today, everybody's blessed with the luck of the Irish, so how about putting some gold into your look. No more worrying about tracking down leprechauns! I loved The Beauty Department's gold leaf manicure tutorial and it's absolutely PERFECT for St. Patty!

Eat, drink, be merry AND STAY SAFE!

With hearts,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Inspired: Yeasayer

Inspired by Yeasayer

Music has pretty much been playing in the background of everyday of my life. This soundtrack has changed its course so many times but Yeasayer will always be one of my favorite bands. It's original, the lyrics are beautiful, and there is just something artistic and real about their performance. Anyways, this outfit is inspired by the group. From their album design and stage persona, comes these badass supernova embossed shorts and Betsey Johnson's almost dragonfly wing appearing boots. The bag and coat is totally from the music. And hence a revelation, I think that Mary Katrantzou's coat is the total perfect embodiment of what Yeasayer would be, in coat form. Yes, that's a pretty weird statement.

So check out this video: (LOVE IT!)

#87.1 - YEASAYER - No need to worry / Redcave by lablogotheque
#87.2 - YEASAYER - 2080 by lablogotheque

Happy Listening!

With hearts,

Fresh Face Friday: Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser


Clarins beauty product, $21

I absolutely love skincare. While I've found many things I love like moisturizers and serums, I was on a search for an awesome cleanser. I never really knew what an awesome one would actually be like. Usually, the reaction is meh! ~ there's really no noted reaction. So I decided my cleanser would clean my face and make me feel special. I've tried a lot of cleansers and that takes a while because big bottles pretty much last forever. 

I was actually undecided about trying this one because I never looked into Clarins. But, upon finding out that most of the ingredients here are natural (Katafray bark extract, tamarind fruit acid, shea butter, gypsophila extract, and South African polymnia) and not much else, I was pretty much sold. I'm a huge fan of natural beauty products because what could be more damaging than putting on dangerous chemicals when you're trying to preserve and enhance your skin! So I excitedly tried it and was not disappointed at all. I felt squeaky clean but didn't feel taut nor did I see any patches of dryness, which usually appear after using other cleansers. I loved it. Admittedly, I was pretty skeptical trying it because I wondered how much it could do, but it exceeded my expectations.

Honestly, I look forward to these nightly face washing routines because it's just the best time to let go of everything stressful from that day. Wash that stress away!

Happy face washing!

With hearts,