Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hair Today: Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner

Shiseido Tsubaki

Shiseido Tsubaki by missrockcouture on

Another review, another confession: I'm super fickle about my shampoo. AND I don't use conditioner. I have super fine hair that is just too easily tangled and somehow I equate the conditioner as the culprit. But I heard about the buzz surrounding this shampoo and conditioner, which contains Japanese Camellia i.e. Tsubaki. I felt the need to try it. Luckily, living in LA means that I'm instantly accessible to finding these Asian products in the local grocery.

There are many versions of this made by Shiseido; some for damaged hair, some for normal, etc. I decided to try this shining version, which I deemed suitable for my never-been-dyed-or-processed hair. My hair came out super soft and it felt nourished. But, in a few days, it felt really really flat. It's actually in consensus with most of what Makeup Alley's reviews stated. It's better for damaged hair that needs extensive nourishing because it's thick and heavy. On the plus side, it smells lovely - like the calm sister of Herbal Essences.

Happy Shampooing!

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