Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flashback to the 90's

Flashback to Elementary School

I recently thought back to elementary school and somehow felt like I had more style back then. Weird.

Anyways, I remember playing dodgeball in overalls and this minty floral tank top. The best part of the outfit were the shoes. They were saddle shoes that perfectly match poodle skirts of the sixties. Now this was the nineties before you all worry that this blog is written by a senior citizen. These shoes had chunky heels and I can't believe fifth graders were allowed to wear them. It was really the first time I loved fashion, realizing how many girls showed up the next day with shoes like mine.

So, I set out to recreate this outfit and updated the overall to a clean modern jumpsuit. I paired them with friendship bracelets, which are making a huge comeback. And the outfit wouldn't be complete with an updated version of those saddle shoes!

So, what's your favorite outfit flashback?

With hearts,


  1. oh my god! saddle shoes... totally had a pair!
    cute look!

  2. Hey Lauren!

    OMG saddle shoes are so cool lol! Thanks for visiting my blog! I just looked at yours and it's so awesome; I'm following you! :)

    With hearts,