Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goldfish Inspired

Goldfish Inspired

Goldfish Inspired by polkadotcouture featuring yellow tops

I was following my usual morning routine, which includes feeding these little goldfishes that live in a pond and cleaning their humble little abode. Amidst my little task, I spied upon this little goldfish choking on an earthworm. I don’t know about you, but that grossed me out so much. The little dude just swam around with half a worm sticking out of his mouth. Anyways, that might’ve been a little too much information…but in the end, my fearless mom pulled the fish out of the water, pulled out that worm, and tossed him back in. He was dandy and none the wiser. But, I became inspired by the goldfish, with his silvery and deep reddish orange scales and total fluid grace in the water. Anyways, those inspirations of gold and glimmer led me to create this sets featuring two outfits for two different occasions using the versatile color that everybody looks good in. Besides, spring is already here and this color works incredibly well. The first look is perfect for a picnic with friends while the second is for a soiree at night that might require a more pulled together look. Being able to use one color scheme for a whole day chock full of activities just makes everything a bit easier.

Alexander McQueen bodice dress
£2,795 -

Modstrom yellow top
€60 -

RED Valentino scalloped shorts
£244 -

Giuseppe Zanotti ankle wrap sandals
$1,150 -

Leather booties
€400 -

Chanel chain bag

Olsenboye back pack bag
$30 -

Manya Roumen 18k jewelry
$9,680 -


  1. Love the lace shorts and the neon heels with a bow!


  2. Hi Scarlett!

    Thanks for finding my blog! I love those shoes and the shorts! :)

    With hearts,

  3. anything gold is amazing! great post!