Thursday, March 8, 2012

I've got the denim blues...

This is gonna be TMI but my laundry is piling up! So I thought I'd rotate through more of my closet and step away from my usual go-to outfits. I found a pair of jeans from college and decided that, today, they were going to see the world. I was on my usual morning walk down a really shady (as in trees, not sketchy people) street, but I realized that instead of being able to appreciate the beautiful pink flowers blooming against the sky, I was beginning to feel really uncomfortable! It was the jeans! And at that moment, I really came to understand that clothes can really define your day - they can uplift your spirits, make you confident, and, most importantly, make you feel comfy. I know, isn't it a little too late to just realize something like that, especially when I write this blog? But it's just that with the time and comfort of certain routines, you forget some mantras occasionally and it takes certain situations to remind you of certain things. That was probably the vaguest statement ever...
Anywho, I know that jeans should be figure hugging, especially with all the skinnies rampant these days, but sometimes it can just be too much and cause nerve damage ... Just google "Calvin Klein syndrome." (FYI: a nickname made by doctors. No offense to CK). We want to flaunt our figures but we should never sacrifice our comfort and health. There's actually a pair of Gap 1969 high waisted jeggings that I love which fits both of my terms.
Okay, so that was a long tangent and really besides the point because the jeans that are bothering me are boyfriend jeans. So what I want to ask you guys is what do you think about good/bad denim? Do you have any recs for awesome jeans? And would you sacrifice comfort for a really great look? I'd love to hear what you think!

With hearts,

PS good clothes make for a good day