Monday, March 5, 2012

Lace Heels

I was on instagram the other day and saw the most stunning lace heels. I then was compelled to google the shoes and learn more about them. It was like I found a treasure trove of the most amazing shows ever. For me, it would seem that lace shoes would be hard to design because I would try to avoid having them be kitschy or appropriate for only weddings since lace usually conveys Victorian era daintiness to me…

Well on my search, I found this one that was just sheer awesomeness because it seems to be edgy enough just from being high tops.

via link

and these were the pair that started my quest:

via link

But that search led me to a list of shoes on polyvore that were based on those keywords and although some of them weren't exactly the "lace" I was thinking of, these shoes are in their own right all sorts of amazing!
Like this one from open ceremony:

and this Jeffrey Campbell one (I absolutely LOVE Jeffrey Campbell!):

and Christian Dior's take:

So, if you're free today, do what I did and ogle these shoes and start imagining your fantasy shoe closet ;D

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