Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Tips: Drying Laundry By Hand

There's some things modern technology can't beat. For that, it's usually least for me that is! I don't trust machines with my silk and delicate garments. That and my mother's adage that handwashed laundry always comes out cleaner...and washes your aggression away. There's nothing like taking out a frustrating day on a pair of yoga pants or a white coat and having it come out brand new!

The thing that used to annoy me the most was the drip drip drip of water from my rinsed clothes. But, now I have an easy solution to it that I should've thought of before...a towel. When I'm done washing my clothes, I fold it neatly if it's a large garment or just lay it on the towel if it's just a shirt. Then I roll that towel as tightly as possible with the garment compressed in between the terry folds. It absorbs the excess water and the garment is ready to be dried on a hanger (in an open space and with a few spritz of perfume if you prefer fragrance)

Tada! That or you can just save the hassle by throwing it in the dryer. But this is my go-to method for clothes that aren't meant for machines.

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